(EVX-530, EVX-5300/5400, EVX-R70, EVX-Hazardous Locations , VX-450, VX-820, VX-2100/2200, VZ-80)

Vertex Marine

(HX260S, HX270S, HX280S, HX-290 , Standard Horizon 2015, Standard Horizon 2014)



VHF,HHF, Base, mobile & Hand Held Radio



VHF,HHF, Base, mobile & Hand Held Radio, Digital Radio TETRA, Digital Radio Mototurbo



(Ham Radio,IC-F25SR, DRB-25, IC-2200H, IC-F30G_F40G, IC-4088A_short,
IC-4088E, IC-F33G_F43G,IC-7000,IC-4088SR,IC-f50_f60,IC-7800,IC-A14_S,



VHF,HHF, Base, mobile & Hand Held Radio



Smart Wireless solution (designed and made in Austria )
the leading supplier of wireless telemetry solutions. ADCON develop and manufacture low-power wireless sensor networks for Agriculture, Water Management, Hydrographics and Meteorology and numerous other applications.

ADCON SCADA software package addVANTAGE Professional completes ADCON product range.

Well-known customers from all over the world successfully use Adcon's turn-key solutions since 1993.


Sodi Scientifica

  • SODI is the leader manufacturer in electro-diagnostic equipment followed by environmental safety products and electronic systems for monitoring road traffic.
  • Sodi Scientifica is a customer-oriented company, which has always based its business on the following fundamental values:
  • Integrity, embracing the strictest rules of honesty, ethical behavior and exemplary moral conduct
  • Care and respect for people, being attentive to the interests of all those who come into contact with the company
  • Excellence, born from the constant quest for new solutions and our aim to be the best in our business sector.
  • The mission of the Traffic Division is to design, produce and sell products and services for road traffic monitoring which will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life.
  • The company is committed to producing high-quality products and services as well as maintaining excellent relationships with its customers, suppliers and partners by virtue of its ISO 9001:2000 certifications.
  • This is a further demonstration of the company's commitment to add value for shareholders, offer career opportunities and secure rewards for employees in order to improve mankind quality of life.
  • Paolo and Roberto Sodi, Managing Director and Technical Director respectively, represent the second generation of management, running a company which has seen its business expand all over the world


Solar System

(PHOTON SOLAR, PV Solar Lights, PH-230P-60, PH-230P-60(PTN) , PH-PWS, 3KW OFF-GRID, 3KW ON-GRID)


CCTV and Secuirty Systems

(DPC-HDP2111TR ,Mobile DVR Camera, Mobile DVR Solution, 960H, Analogue-HD, Catalogues(DKE 2014~2015), SeeEyes VIDEO , EX-SID , Camera-Whitepaper , Print job2 , Print job6,Print job7,Q-BIRD LITE,SPT Dome,TNS-HD2-IR)

LED Lights

PA8315B, PL-P-S40W0606